Top ranked universities choose Darby Consulting

When a top-ranked US News & World Report university decided to migrate their learning management system (LMS) to the cloud, Darby Consulting was asked to provide project and change management to support the initiative.


While it is technically feasible to change to a cloud-based LMS within a couple of semesters, it is often the stakeholder component of the system that can take much longer to change than the technology itself.  Our balanced framework focused on both stakeholders and technology – consisting of four distinct project phases, three technology workstreams and three stakeholder-related workstreams.


Darby Consulting’s consultants utilized disciplined project and change management tools and techniques to help lead the migration and content conversion efforts and worked collaboratively with stakeholders to implement a complex change program across 40 colleges and campuses.  Benefits from the switch included increased reliability and quality of instruction across 26,000 academic courses.

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