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Change Management prepares people and processes for transformational change. Darby Consulting’s best practice change tools and processes enable leaders to achieve unity of purpose around the need for change, understand and prepare for how change will impact different stakeholder groups and develop tailored solutions designed to facilitate a smooth transition to the desired future state.

Change Management Solutions

  • Change Impact Assessment
  • Change Strategy & Planning
  • Change Communications
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Custom Skills Training
  • Change Measurement
  • Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Change Management Program for IT Projects

RealChange™ is Darby Consulting’s customizable change management methodology designed to support the successful implementation of IT projects and programs. Grounded in change management best practices, Darby Consulting provides a complete framework for leading and implementing successful change.

Change Impact Assessment

When you’re implementing a project that in some way changes employee work processes, behaviors or attitudes, sometimes people can put up barriers in ways that are hard to anticipate. We provide behavioral, work style, organizational impact and culture assessments to assist project teams in aligning the change program with the cultural and regional norms of the organization.

Darby Consulting’s primary tool, the Change Impact Assessment, identifies the behavioral, work style, cultural and behavioral impacts that can arise as a result of a project delivered change. The change may impact knowledge and skill requirements, underlying business processes, roles, jobs, team or organization structures or the overall culture of the organization. The scale of the impact assessment will depend on the scale of the change being introduced. The Change Readiness Assessment includes internal stakeholder interviews and a change readiness assessment.

Change Communications

For change initiatives, a lack of information sharing can cause strategic goals to be seen as being driven by the needs of a few rather than informed by the needs of the organization. When the opportunity exists to engage stakeholders, an approach that involves both proactive communication and active listening is critical to positioning change in a way that accelerates organizational commitment to change.

Our Proactive Communication Playbook aligns the communication strategy with the project phases and key milestones of the project to ensure that the right messages are delivered to the right people at the right time using the most appropriate methods. Objectives of change communications include:

  • Identify and segment stakeholder groups
  • Understand stakeholder wants and needs as well as where they are positioned on the change commitment curve and where they need to be for change to happen
  • Develop and implement a change-specific communication strategy and plan
  • Create engaging communications and dialogue that move stakeholders along the change commitment curve (awareness, understanding, adoption & commitment)

Business Process Management (BPM)

Darby Consulting’s Business Process Transformation (BPT) program includes a set of activities that map future state business processes to business roles and – where relevant – to specific individuals. The work undertaken ensures the people and processes are matched so that the desired Future State can be realized. We offer Business Process Transformation (BPT) workshops that engage stakeholders in aligning the future state workflows with project objectives. Outcomes of our BPT workshops include:

  • Map current and future state processes
  • Ensure there are no broken links between process and people as a result of the change
  • Clarify a role-based view of what is and isn’t changing for teams and individual employees
  • Streamline business processes and organization structures to accelerate performance

Custom Skills Training

Project change that is transformational will in most cases impact the way employees perform their work. It will change onboarding, hiring and staffing decisions. It will change behaviors and learning outcomes. It will change technologies and processes.

To drive the right behaviors, the right type of skills training is required. Employees can’t always just stop work to attend training. Today’s 24-7 operational environment demands that training be delivered just-in-time and just-enough – quickly distributed and downloaded over multiple devices so the learner can quickly access what they need to know, when they need to know it, wherever they are. Darby Consulting’s custom training solutions include:

  • Web-based training
  • Leadership development
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Tutorials & job aids
  • Mentoring & job shadowing
  • Technical documentation

Change Measurement

Successful change programs – the ones that deliver tangible value – tend to focus early and often on metrics that matter.

Darby Consulting’s Meaningful Measurement Playbook provides processes and tools to measure and track change progress, identify risks and ensure that sound change management processes are being followed in the most effective and efficient manner. The objectives include:

  • Document and track change measurement indicators
  • Implement tools to collect stakeholder feedback, analyze concerns and take corrective action where necessary
  • Monitor, track and report change deliverable completion progress
  • Monitor, track and report issues, changes and risks
  • Determine whether the organization is ready to transition to the future state
  • Conduct a Change Readiness Assessment to ensure transition arrangements are complete

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Darby Consulting’s approach to facilitating, capturing, benchmarking and sharing best practices & lessons learned is designed to continuously improve on the past performance of projects. While many projects tend to focus on capturing lessons learned as part of a project close-out, we provide tools, workshops and repositories to improve project performance, knowledge sharing and learning throughout the entire project lifecycle. Key activities and deliverables include:

  • Facilitated Lessons Learned Meeting
  • Lessons Learned Capture Tool
  • Lessons Learned Process Guide
  • Lessons Learned Facilitator’s Checklist
  • Lessons Learned eMail “Flash” Communications
  • Best Practice Repository

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