Save time and money planning your IT projects.

Planning and delivering successful IT projects can be a challenge for many organizations faced with juggling multiple IT projects. Quick-Start Workshops are designed to help your IT Project team get more done in less time.  Our experienced IT consultants work with your team to accelerate key decisions and complete the more challenging aspects of planning a successful IT project.  Each workshop is carefully designed based on our extensive experience working with leading IT organizations.

Why Quick-Start PMO Workshops?

  • Get more done in less time
  • Choose just the workshops you need
  • Accelerate project planning and decision-making
  • Learn from certified, IT project professionals
  • Save money with short-term, fixed-rate workshops
  • Leverage best practice tools and processes

Project Management Workshops

Darby Consulting’s Quick-Start PMO workshops are designed to help you set-up a PMO or plan your next IT project.  They are designed to be typically completed in 3-5 business days and are facilitated by a PMI certified, IT PMO consultant from Darby Consulting. Here’s what we offer:

Develop a Business Case

Identify the benefits and costs to justify the start-up of a project.

Establish a Project Charter

Define the project approach that will deliver the IT solution to stakeholders.

Set-up a ePMO

Utilize our online tools to manage your project anytime, anywhere.

Develop an IT Project Schedule

Define the phases, tasks and timing required to undertake the project.

Develop an IT Resource Plan

Identify and schedule the physical resources required to successfully complete the project.

Create a Project Budget Estimate

Identify the project costs and schedule in which those costs will be incurred.

Develop a Quality Assurance Plan

Measure the quality of the deliverables produced to ensure they meet customer requirements.

Develop a Risk Management Plan

Identify all foreseeable project risks and define a suite of actions to manage and reduce the impact.

Develop a Communications Management Plan

Communicate the right information to the right people at the right time.

Develop a Change Management Strategy

Increase end-user adoption while minimizing resistance to change.

Conduct a Project Health Check

Check to see if your project is on a healthy track to deliver success before problems arise.

Conduct a Post-Project Review

Capture successes, best practices and lessons learned to continuously improve.

Software Deployment Work Sessions

Darby Consulting’s Software Deployment work sessions are designed to help your team more quickly plan for integration of custom or 3rd party applications. Our Work Sessions are designed to be completed in 4-6 weeks by a certified IT consultant from Darby Consulting. Here’s what we offer:

Conduct an IT Assessment

Identify gaps and strategies to align IT with the needs of the organization.

Gather Business Requirements

Gather and document the features and functions of the information system.

Conduct a Software Selection

Coordinate an unbiased evaluation and selection of a 3rd party software package.

Conduct an End-user Satisfaction Assessment

Identify the benefits and costs to justify the start-up of a project.

Develop a Training Plan

Develop a plan to equip end-users with new skills to adopt technology change.

Develop a Testing Plan

Develop a plan to minimize bugs and issues from new software deployments.

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