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Everyday, IT organizations respond to a growing number of requests from their client organizations for new software applications.  As a recognized member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), planning and managing transformational IT projects is at the core of what we do. From developing project schedules and budgets to monitoring risks and issues, our IT Project Managers leverage a full suite of best-practice methodologies, tools and resources so you can have confidence in our ability to consistently deliver results.

IT Project Management Services

Portfolio Optimization through effective IT Project Management


Selecting the right portfolio of projects is driven by the need to focus limited time, funding and resources on projects that deliver the highest return on investment. Darby Consulting provides Portfolio Optimization and IT Project Management utilizing a data-driven decision process to align projects with business strategy objectives.

IT Planning and Project Management


Our IT Project Managers are PMI certified in IT Project Management and utilize our comprehensive library of over 70 tools and templates to ensure every project is delivered on-time, within budget and to business specifications.

IT Project Management for Business Analysis


The process of gathering business requirements involves more than simply asking the users what they need and writing their answers down.  Darby Consulting’s Requirements Gathering Worksessions are designed to inspire innovation and gain alignment across stakeholders on what the business needs from an application utilizing proven techniques to capture, document, communicate, and manage business and system requirements.


Whether you’re implementing software in the cloud or custom developing an application to fit your organization’s needs, it all requires people to change. It requires end-users, project team members, help desk specialists and trainers all working together to help each other adopt new skills, new behaviors, new processes, new features and functionalities.

IT Management - Selecting the Right Software for your Project


While it is technically feasible to select a software package with a few vendor demos, it is often the stakeholder component of the system selection process that can take much longer.  A balanced framework focused on both stakeholders and the technology is recommended.  Our methodology consists of four distinct phases to facilitate selection, create stakeholder buy-in and foster commitment that will lead to reduced resistance to change and accelerated system adoption.

Quick-Start Workshops

Planning and delivering successful IT projects can be a challenge for many organizations faced with juggling multiple IT projects. Darby’s Quick-Start Workshops are designed to help your IT Project teams get more done in less time.  Our experienced IT consultants help you accelerate key decisions and complete the more challenging aspects of planning successful IT projects.

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