With the risk of COVID-19 now at the highest level, these IT roles are needed most in a time of crisis.


With the risk of COVID-19 now at the highest level, these IT roles are needed most in a time of crisis.

Darby Consulting

the Freedom to go Beyond

When your team needs IT staff augmentation, you can count on Darby Consulting. Our industry-first platform uses data science to match the right consultant to your project – guaranteed. So whether you need support with project management, business analysis, or technical expertise for an emerging technology -Darby delivers the freedom and flexibility to go beyond.   

Darby has allowed us to successfully deliver more projects, by really listening to our project needs and finding the right team to execute. We selected Darby because of their well thought out methodology for hiring resources, and being a boutique firm you put your reputation on the line with every resource you bring on to Parsley. It’s really felt like a win-win partnership.

Parsley Energy

A Next-Level
Network of IT Pros

We select, develop, and manage a network of over 1,000 IT consultants for your next project.

What you get

  • Certified IT Professionals

  • Minimum 10 Years Experience

  • Matched to Your Specific Project

  • Onboarded, Trained, & Managed

  • Quality Assurance & Frequent Check-Ins

  • 70+ Cloud-Based Tools & Templates

  • Projects Delivered On-Time & Within Budget

  • Reduced Costs vs Big 4 Consulting Firms

Select Client Stories

Penn State's LMS Implementation

Delivered on-time and $500K Below Planned Budget

Parsley Energy's Digital Transformation

IT Project Savings of Over $1.8M

State of Texas’ Improved Data Accuracy

A New Case Management System in AWS

Darby Consulting Helps

Reduce Project Backlog

Maximize value from your next IT project with our network of experienced and specialized IT consultants. You’ll be matched with the right professional equipped with tools and resources to reduce project backlog and help your organization thrive.

Track Performance

Track every stage of your project in real-time and from anywhere with our consultant performance management system. From project milestones to weekly timesheets, we’ll help maximize efficiency to ensure project success from start to finish.

Reduce Costs

Get temporary project support from a qualified and experienced IT professional—without breaking the bank. We’ll never charge you for travel costs or build in hidden fees, but we will deliver your portfolio on-time, on-budget, and within scope.

Stay Competitive

Hiring a full-time IT professional may not be in the cards right now, but don’t let that stop you from staying competitive. Our network of experienced IT consultants can provide high-quality, temporary support so you can stay ahead of the competition—regardless of where you are in your journey.

How can we support your IT projects?

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