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Darby Consulting’s Business Process Transformation (BPT) program includes a set of activities that map future state business processes to business roles and – where relevant – to end users.  The work undertaken in this process ensures the people and processes are matched so that the desired Future State can be realized.

Business Process Management (BPT) Workshops

We provide a Business Process Transformation (BPT) workshop integrating cross-functional expertise across people, process, governance and technology.  The objectives of the BPT workshops are to:

  1. Ensure there are no broken links between process and people as a result of the change
  2. Clarify a role-based view of what is and isn’t changing for teams and individual employees
  3. Clearly align business processes and organization structure
  4. Facilitate the realization of the Future State strategy

Business Process Management Program

Key activities and deliverables include:

  • BPT Workshop agenda
  • BPT Introduction Presentation
  • As-Is process questionnaire
  • Return on Investment calculator
  • Process prioritization and trade-off
  • Roles and Responsibility Guide
  • Roles, Skills, Training Matrix
  • Standards Metrics Guide

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