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Delivering IT Projects On-Time, On-Budget, and Within Scope


Since 2008, we’ve been pioneering a better way to augment IT teams with sophisticated IT project support. How do we know it’s better? Because our founders, staff, and consultants have stood on the front line of this industry for decades – and what they saw at the Big 4 firms didn’t always inspire confidence. After presenting case studies and pitching new business, senior staff members would step aside and let junior consultants – right out of college -take the reigns. Account success was defined by sales numbers and the amount of billable hours -never on the project’s actual success. 

Clients were billed for travel time, partner time, and for the overhead cost of keeping a full bench of full-time consultants. And those were just the big guys. Companies that couldn’t afford to work with large consulting firms turned to lower-level staffing agencies. Lacking in both resources and support, these agencies left a lot to be desired.


Our Competitors: What They Do

Founder Dan Darby knew there was a better way to provide IT support for growing companies and industry leaders alike and he did something about it.

Meet Darby Consulting: The Better Way

Imagine a new landscape of IT project support services. A place that sits somewhere between the Big 4 and lower-level staffing agencies on price – but high above both on quality and execution. Where a robust network of highly skilled, experienced, and passionate IT consultants are ready to be paired to the right project through an artificial intelligence matching platform. Fully vetted, fully supported, and fully ready to augment your team in whatever capacity is needed.

In this new landscape, the only consultants available are senior-level professionals, and their sole focus is to provide your company with quality work that leads to 100 percent project success—not climbing the corporate ladder or maximizing fees. They integrate seamlessly onto your team with custom onboarding, tools, templates, and leadership support. Dan Darby imagined this world over ten years ago, and it’s been exceeding client expectations and industry standards ever since.

From the very beginning, our goal has been to help you reach yours. And we do it without inflating our rates, using junior consultants, or leaving the process in your hands. Instead, our unique structure allows us to keep rates low, consultant standards high, and project success guaranteed. Ready to learn more? Let’s talk about how Darby Consulting can support your next IT project.

Independent Pros: An Agile Workforce

Since 1994, the number of independent professionals has consistently outpaced full-time employees by 2:1. Independent consultants don’t carry a lot of the same baggage (e.g. benefits, performance reviews, training, etc.) as traditional employees, require little to no red tape to remove or replace and are located in every major city. They’re the ultimate Agile workforce – if you have the right partner to find them.

Leveraging AI & RPA to Find IT Pros

At Darby Consulting, we’re focused on finding, selecting, developing and managing networks of independent IT professionals so our clients can gain faster access to the best, most qualified talent at a lower cost. We use consultant matching tools backed by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation so our clients spend less time interviewing IT professionals and more time responding to the needs of their customers.

Our Matching Program Includes:

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