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Most full-time software developers like nothing better than sitting down and writing code. Many can sit down early in the morning and write code for hours at a time. Of course, along with the coding comes the testing, which many developers don’t enjoy as much. But it is during the testing process that you really find out what kind of program you have. Did the hundreds, or thousands, of lines of code deliver the intended value?  Were users able to easily navigate and perform the intended functions?  The software testing process shows much more than if good programming has been performed.  It also shows how well the program captured your business requirements and how well the developers designed your application.

System Testing Services

  • Test Case Development and Management
  • Testing Metrics & Reporting
  • Test Environment Set-up and Management
  • Regression Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Security, Performance and Stress Testing
  • User Acceptance and Usability Testing
  • Documentation and Training Testing

User Acceptance Labs

What’s important to you about usability testing? For our clients it’s flexibility to test multiple scenarios whether mobile, paper prototypes or accessibility. All this in a modern and relaxing setting where you can capture usability metrics professionally.

Our usability labs combine state-of-the-art hardware and software that lets you and your team observe and learn as you go. We bring scientific rigor to rapid user tests that help drive smarter design and deployment decisions.

Eye Tracking Lab

Eyetracking can add power to your usability testing efforts. But don’t use eyetracking for eyetracking’s sake. Sure the visualizations are cool (heatmaps, gaze plots, bee swarms) but we have a good reason to use it. Here are a few:

  • Get your stakeholders educated fast (believing is seeing).
  • Add scientific accuracy, quickly quantifying bad from good design.
  • Get more insights and specificity with usability insights.
  • Get more “a-ha’s” then you can shake a stick at.

System Testing Philosophy

It is worth stating the obvious about the reason we perform testing at all. First, we want to ensure that the solution meets the business requirements. For instance, if a specific business transaction follows a logical path from A -> B -> C -> D, we want our testing to prove that this, in fact, happens. Second, we test to catch errors and defects. These may be programming errors or errors that were introduced earlier in the development lifecycle. In other words, we need to prove that our solution is correct, while at the same time proving that there are no errors or defects. You may not catch many errors, but you still need to prove that the solution meets the business requirements.

The essence of testing is to:

  • Catch as many errors as possible
  • Correct the errors
  • Track the errors to understand their causes and any patterns that may exist
  • Revalidate the stability of the solution, including ensuring that the correction of one error does not lead to the introduction of another error somewhere else

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