With a focus on IT Staff Augmentation, this video highlights the benefits of working with Darby Consulting from a variety of people perspectives – managing director, consultant, and client. 


This video highlights the benefits of working with Darby Consulting from a variety of people perspectives – managing director, consultant, and client.  Darby Consulting IT consulting firm that specializes in IT Staff Augmentation combining expertise in planning and implementing technology projects with an extensive emphasis on people, process and innovative technology.

About Darby Consulting

At Darby Consulting, we’re an IT Staff Augmentation firm focused on finding and selecting experienced IT professionals so our clients can gain faster access to the best, most qualified talent at a lower cost. We use consultant matching tools backed by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation so our clients spend less time interviewing IT professionals and more time responding to the needs of their customers.

Whether you’re needing a cloud software consultant or project manager with expertise in big data management, master data management, predictive analytics solutions, or SaaS application architecture, Darby Consulting provides IT staffing solutions leveraging extensive experience in enterprise data management and data management systems, not only for oil and gas but also clinical data management.


We typically get the call saying we needed somebody last week. We need help and we need help now. But here’s what we need; we need somebody with at least 10 years of experience and we need somebody in our very specific industry and we also need somebody that has great people skills and our people are going to want to work with.

And so when you take all that we know we have to do something forward-looking.

Darby Consulting is an IT consulting firm that combines not only our expertise in planning and implementing technology related projects but what we also do is plan implement technology related projects with an eye towards change – with an eye towards people.

When we get a position that comes out, we’re making sure that we’re looking over their job description we’re nitpicking the top skills and qualifications that the clients are looking for and we’re finding the right consultant to meet our client needs. We’re looking for consultants with a lengthy amount of experience within a specific industry. We’re also looking for people with master’s degrees and professional certifications that can hit the ground running and be very efficient from day one with a client but more than anything we’re looking for people with just really great people skills.

As a Darby consultant, I really feel that they have invested in me to provide the tools and methodologies to move ahead for our client and provide them with a service that is unmatched.

We have a process for checking in with our clients and when I say we – I mean the management team. It doesn’t matter whether you are the practice leader for higher education, government, oil and gas – have a similar process and our check-in is not only with the client to say “hi, how are you, here we are” – it’s forward looking. It’s looking through the windshield not the rearview mirror – what do you think are going to be the biggest hurdles for their project from your perspective – the clients perspective and how can we get ahead of those.

The teams that we put together for each project are intentionally placed. It’s strategic thought that goes into it which then adds more value to the client.

We are technologically innovative. We have a whole slew of cloud-based systems that allow us to track a project with a client with several resources that allow us to advantage ourselves compared to everyone else and also advantage the client. We come equipped with project management software that’s cloud-based so we start every project very efficiently and everyone’s integrated with the same project plan we know where we’re at where we’re headed and it’s in real-time.

They’re not in it for the short term; they’re in it for the relationship. If you look at many of their partners – many of the companies they work with they have a long term relationship with those companies as a result of their commitment to those companies.

Our clients come to us not because they want IT professionals, necessarily, our clients come to us because they want to be successful and success means having the ability to plan and implement technology projects effectively and efficiently on-time, on-budget and within scope. Success also means that at the end of the day, our stakeholders, our sponsors, our end-users, our partners look back and know that it was a successful project. But that doesn’t happen by accident. It’s being deliberate about focusing on the people side and actually having a whole program that’s combining people, process and technology to help plan and implement successful IT is what we do.


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