Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) maintain and improve the reliability of critical business applications & infrastructure. If you’re needing Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) on a temporary basis to support your IT Response Team, we can help. Darby Consulting provides high quality, experienced Site Reliability Engineers who perform operational activities including system backups and maintenance, Level 1 network and server support and critical business application monitoring across multiple cloud environments.

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At Darby Consulting, we’re an IT Staff Augmentation firm focused on finding and selecting experienced IT professionals so our clients can gain faster access to the best, most qualified talent at a lower cost. We use consultant matching tools backed by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, so our clients spend less time interviewing IT professionals and more time responding to the needs of their customers.

Whether you’re needing a cloud software consultant or project manager with expertise in big data management, master data management, predictive analytics solutions, or SaaS application architecture, Darby Consulting provides IT staffing solutions.

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hi I’m Dan Darby one of the managing directors here at Darby consulting we are experts in IT staff augmentation and have been providing IT staff augmentation to a variety of industries for the last 12 years we’re going to be speaking today about building an IT response team I know this is one of those things that IT departments very much have to focus on particularly in times when you’re dealing with things like the corona virus or hurricanes or major disruptions to an organization where you have a situation where IT applications and infrastructure are important to maintain critical uptime and performance at the highest levels when you have employees that are working from home or working remotely and not able to actually work in the office to respond to incidents and issues related to applications and infrastructure so the IP response team that we’re we’re recommending particularly for a staff augmentation standpoint these are the roles that are most conducive to staff augmentation and critical to supporting and augmenting and existing IT infrastructure and IT applications and DevOps team that might be a bit strained in times of difficult situations like the Kovan 19 virus so there are six roles that we feel that are really important to consider as augmenting as part of your team a society reliability engineer helpdesk specialist be our reporting developer data engineer and so forth but we’re going to focus on today for the IT response team for this video is the cyber liability engineer the site reliability engineer their primary focus is all about maintaining and improving the reliability of applications and infrastructure and it was actually a role that was designed by Google they actually wrote the book on site reliability engineering in fact there the book is called site realized site reliability engineering how Google runs production systems it’s really based on it you build it you run model where you have specialized engineers that focus on a single service or a group of related services the conventional wisdom is that software engineers focus primarily on the design and development of large-scale applications as part of DevOps but Google site reliability engineering team they really focus on the entire lifecycle where it encompasses both software and infrastructure and enables the company to successfully build deploy monitor and maintain large-scale software applications supporting millions of end-users all across the world so if you’re needing to establish an IT response team to respond to situations like the koban 19 virus where you have multiple critical applications in which your IT department must provide reliability sres really do play a key role here they apply a mix of both software development and IT operation skills they’re responsible for monitoring all systems through various tools and applications they perform application monitoring to get issues to the right people at the right time they’re focusing on diagnosing and isolating issues at all levels of the stack whether it be code or infrastructure they’re focused on creating and updating accurate operations and problem reports on production incidents and problems they’re really great at remediating issues that impact the health and performance production systems and infrastructure and most importantly they’re really there to help monitor buy the equipment the applications and processes because they they really do have a mix of software development operation skills that’s what makes them so important when you’re having a situation where you’ve got downtime or critical infrastructure issues you want you really want to make sure that the reliability of the applications the site infrastructure is high these site reliability engineers are kind of a hybrid of DevOps and IT infrastructure managers they’re really focused on maintaining the uptime of the applications using automation using fools using human development code we found that really over the last five years IT infrastructure managers and DevOps developers they’re really starting to blend their skill sets so we’re seeing them having a tremendous amount of opportunity as site reliability engineers to maintain uptime of systems and applications darby consulting does provide help for organizations that need site reliability engineers you can work with us on either a temporary contract basis our our our our consultants can work either on-site or remote three months six months twelve months eighteen month or whatever type of arrangement you feel like would be helpful to get your organization through a difficult time they could do a two-week trial period if you’re not happy with our consultants performance and those two weeks we can provide a replacement at no cost travel is included if we’re talking our regional resources for needing to bring them in we can help support those consultants coming to your office if you also need them on a contract to hire if you like working with them and ultimately want to try before you buy we can certainly work with you on that Darby’s been in business for the last 12 years focusing IT staff augmentation from government higher ed to oil and gas the the reason why companies like to work with us is you don’t have to pay for bench time we actually have a network of IT professionals that work with us either on a 1099 or w-2 hourly basis and we have a matching system that really helps us gather a lot of data using artificial intelligence about all of the consultants that we have on our network we can quickly identify the right consultant to help meet your needs based on all the data we collect with them we don’t use recruiters we have IT directors portfolio managers that have experienced an IT project and infrastructure implementation and really do a great job of helping provide the right consultant for for the need what I think that’s big about us is we send our clients resumes we actually send candidate walkthrough videos and I’ll play for you an example here this is a walkthrough video will do what I’m doing here is I’m walking the client through a video rather than sending them a resume tour stacks a resume I’m walking them through a video of what other requirements they’re looking for a summary of the consultants background and their resume why we thought that the right fit will actually play for them some snippets of key questions that were important to our client they can wake and watch the video about our consultants you can see how instead of watching or going through lots of resumes we actually send a video that walks our client through all of the day that we’ve collect on them in a summarized level from the personality assessments to technical skill score the resume their background and it really ties back to the right consultant for the right opportunity the other thing that we do that’s a bit different is that we’re really focused on managing performance we have a performance tracking system our consultants receive bonuses based on delivering their projects on time on budget and you’re able to see that tasks the deliverables that they’re assigned to you can track their performance until we make sure that they’re getting the job done that really it’s helpful in times where you have consultants and employees working from home the ability to be able to track our consultants performance and making sure that we have incentives and rewards in place that are financially driven as well as performance driven that really are around helping you deliver the project successfully having the right person in the role to help you do that if you’d like to talk with us about sres or other types of roles that you might need to augment your staff at this time feel free at the end of this video to click on scheduling a time for us to talk and we’ll do a resource planning session and get started to helping you today all right thanks so much for watching and we’ll look forward to working with you soon

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