As we are all feeling the impact of COVID-19, we hope that you and your family are safe. With the risk of COVID-19 now at the highest level, we’ve seen a significant uptick in demand for temporary IT professionals to help maintain business continuity and provide technical support to employees working from home.

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At Darby Consulting, we’re an IT Staff Augmentation firm focused on finding and selecting experienced IT professionals so our clients can gain faster access to the best, most qualified talent at a lower cost. We use consultant matching tools backed by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, so our clients spend less time interviewing IT professionals and more time responding to the needs of their customers.

Whether you’re needing a cloud software consultant or project manager with expertise in big data management, master data management, predictive analytics solutions, or SaaS application architecture, Darby Consulting provides IT staffing solutions.

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in this overview video we’re going to provide a quick summary of how to build an effective IT response team darby consulting has been in the IT staff augmentation for over 12 years now we’re experts in IT staff augmentation having served a large number of leading companies from oil and gas to higher education to to government and given that we are based in the Gulf Coast we have weathered a lot of storms from hurricanes to economic downturns in the oil and gas industry and now we’re dealing with the Cova 19 virus I wanted to share with you all a quick video about six roles that are needed to support an ite response team one that helps build a reliability of applications and infrastructure and ensures a business continuity to your organization the six roles are focused on first the site reliability engineer this is a role that was innovative and developed by Google it really focuses on maintaining reliability of applications and infrastructure there is also the helpdesk specialist it’s focusing on incoming calls emails and requests and responding to those requests in a timely and courteous way as those requests increase as end-users begin to be dispersed and distributed perhaps in their homes a greater demand on those resources we’re also seeing demand for bi developers to support leaders in developing dashboards and be able to manipulate data for ad hoc reporting as well as data engineers building pipelines to ensure a data is available and reliable to the organization and then as well as low code no code apps be able to quickly deploy applications and services to employees customers and key stakeholders to help them stay connected and get the information they need to complete forms and information I’ll be able to see geo targeted data specific to their offices and locations and geographies as well as the change communications specialist to be able to provide communications and training as individuals and stakeholders and employees and investors and even vendors need to adjust to a changing economic environment because of the business disruption I want to share with you that first of all we do have flexibility of options to work with your organization from an IT staff augmentation we can support you on a temporary contract basis either on-site or remote short-term or long-term durations we can also provide a two-week trial period where you can test out our consultants for a couple weeks if if you’re not happy with their performance I will place them at no cost travels included particularly within our Gulf Coast region if you’re needing to have bring someone in that’s an expert from Dallas or San Antonio or to your office we tweak take care of those travel expenses and also contractor hire if you’re ultimately wanting to hire an employee but start them off on a contract basis first we can help you with that do you think about Darby consulting that might be helpful for you to understand this first of all we’re very cost effective you don’t have to pay for consultants Bench time we we use 1099 or w2 hourly employees so we’re only paying for the talent that we need when we need it so it helps us to cut our costs by twenty to forty percent below what other staffing or consulting firms typically would have we use a talent cloud that has gives us access to really high quality talent and they would also overlay that in our technology stack with the matching system we use artificial intelligence to help us gather a lot of data about the consultants since we have a lot of consultants that work with this allows us to shortlist so that we can use our IT directors and our portfolio leaders rather than a knowledge inexperienced recruiters we use our really experienced IT directors to help shortlist and be able to present back to our clients high quality consultants that are shortlisted and ready to go one things about us too is that we don’t send our client stacks and stacks of resumes we don’t have recruiters that just do keyword searches and send you 20-30 resumes instead we have our IT directors folks like myself that will generate short videos that will send to you if you have a need for a client will understand what those needs are well present back to you one maybe two and that worst case scenario of three consultants and we’ll give you an overview being a video that you can watch it anytime see we have to schedule meetings or anything like that to to review the candidates you’ll get a quick sense of who they are and the quality of their consultants as you can see with this video what we’ll do is we’ll we’ll start talking about a high-level overview of the consultant we’ll go through some of the requirements of what you had said that your that’s important to you we’ll walk through those and then you’ll see here we’ll also share with you their resume a high-level overview of the highlights of why we think they’re the right fit but also share with you their personality assessment their skills assessment and any kind of technical assessments and how they performed and then last well we’ll actually share with you snippets of interviews of the interview that we did that’s based on the key questions that are important to you so this gives us an opportunity to really see how the consultant responds to the key questions that are important and then we’ll also share with you the methodology and tools and frameworks that are available to our consultants that will to help them be able to perform and hit the ground running quite quickly the last piece about Darby consulting is that were very much focused on performance we use a performance tracking system that allows us to track the deliverables the tasks that are important to you we can have access to them you’ll have access to them you’ll be able to prove their timesheet based upon those not really enables to really develop a performance incentives to our consultants don’t receive a hundred percent of their pay rate we hold a percentage of that back and give that to them as bonuses as they’re delivering projects on time on schedule within budget doing it the right way so if all this sounds great and you’d like to learn more feel free to schedule a planning session you can click on contact us on our website you can also on our website we have more information about the roles that are really supportive response team if you’d like to schedule a planning session after this video you can also click on the link to schedule a time for us to talk I’d be happy to share with you more about what we can do and learn about your project needs and how we could support you in your organization’s response to a challenging situation all right well best of luck to you and your organization and feel free to reach out anytime thanks so much for watching

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