Help Desk Specialists maintain employee and customer relationships with the company, providing answers to questions and other needs related to technical support. If you’re needing additional Help Desk Specialists on a temporary basis to support your IT Response Team, we can help. Darby Consulting provides high quality Help Desk Specialists with experience in fielding incoming calls, emails, and end-user requests as well as creating and tracking tickets.

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At Darby Consulting, we’re an IT Staff Augmentation firm focused on finding and selecting experienced IT professionals so our clients can gain faster access to the best, most qualified talent at a lower cost. We use consultant matching tools backed by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, so our clients spend less time interviewing IT professionals and more time responding to the needs of their customers.

Whether you’re needing a cloud software consultant or project manager with expertise in big data management, master data management, predictive analytics solutions, or SaaS application architecture, Darby Consulting provides IT staffing solutions.

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hi Dan Darby here. We’re gonna be talking a bit about building an IT response team particularly focusing on helpdesk specialists. Darby Consulting has been in business now for over twelve years we’re specialists and IT staff augmentation have a lot of really great tools and people and innovative processes around IT staff augmentation having worked with government, higher ed, oil and gas industries a lot of leaders in their fields and so we’ve really developed a lot of really great tools and processes and approaches be to support organizations one of the things that we’ve been doing a lot lately is helping organizations build IT response teams particularly in response to serious incidents like the coronavirus hurricanes particularly giving the fact that we’re in the Gulf Coast area we do a lot of work in that space one of the roles that are are needed more often particularly when you have an entire workforce leaving an office and you have an IT department having to support a remote workforce there’s a lot more need for helpdesk specialists and these are one of the areas where IT staff augmentation can be an asset a tool for you all to as leaders to be able to augment your staff and to be able to provide more helpdesk support as needed the key role of a helpdesk specialist is really about building incoming calls emails and user requests a lot of what they do they provide one-on-one end-user problem resolution over the phone an email or an instant messaging and really have a focus on professionalism and courtesy particularly as you have a workforce that might be at a higher level of frustration might be having more difficult to getting into applications or VPN how to get into their their network might be having telephone issues a variety of problems that’s where you really need you know high quality helpdesk specialists that have a wide variety of technical skills to be able to help end users with PC problems tell issues or applications issues they’re really great at diagnosing and resolving in user network and local printer problems PC hardware problems email internet and local area network access problems they’re great at identifying diagnosing and resolving particularly level one problems from end users across a network from a software or Hardware basis focusing on desktops or laptops even mobile devices and remote connections usually help desk betcha lists have a lot of knowledge and expertise around ITSM software such as Zendesk or ServiceNow BMC or Avanti they have a lot of experience with assisting with configuring and deploying equipment for end-users so for example if I were to deploy a number of laptops out to your end-user population if they’re mostly using desktops that would be something they could assist with as well as assisting with developing of and creating materials for end-users around frequently asked questions a lot of help desks get a lot of questions and they start to see the same questions over again they could really be a good resource to help develop those materials to get them out to your end-users to help support them as they’re trying to maintain a business continuity a few things about Darby consulting that I’d like to share with you is that there’s a lot of flexible options to work with us you can work with us either on a temporary contract either on-site or remote we we very flexible in the types of contracts we can work with us three six twelve or eighteen months or even shorter periods of time particularly in incidents like where we’re at right now with the corona virus you can work with us on a two-week trial period even if you’re not happy with our consultant we bring forward we’ll provide a replacement at no cost travels included for needing to bring resources in from a regional set of in our network we can do that as well or if you’re ultimately wanting to hire the individual that we put forward we also do a contract to hire option as well a a few things about Darby that our clients really like about us is that were a lot more cost-effective because you don’t have to pay for for bench time we use 1099 contractors as well as w2 hourly employees so that we’re only paying for the consultants time and that helps us to keep our costs low because we’re not having to pay for for bench time and we pass those savings on to you so if you’re needing a contractor we’re typically twenty to forty percent a lot lower than the the larger consulting firms or even the midsize consulting firms we really have great access to high-quality talent we use a matching system that’s based on artificial intelligence that allows us to have IT directors and portfolio leaders in our Molloy’s of Darby consulting there are the ones responsible helping to select the right consultant to meet your needs you’re not working with junior level recruiters you’re working with experienced individuals like myself who’ve had over 20 years of experience in managing projects and and leading IT operations teams one of the nice things about working with Darby Consulting is you don’t have to sort through stacks of resumes we don’t send stacks of resumes for one we don’t work with recruiters who just do keyword searches like I said we have IT directors that really look at what your needs are and really send you one maybe two resumes but and one of the things our clients really like about us is in addition to us sending you one maybe two resumes we actually provide you with a video we shoot a video for you that gives you a summary of why we think this consultant is the right fit for your project needs based on what we heard and I’ll play for you a quick snippet of these types of video walkthroughs that we do for our clients with you that we would like to put forward for so what I do is we do a quick overview we’ll walk them through their requirements we’ll walk them through the resume we also do the personality assessment we do a skills inventory assessment if their development skills required we’ll do development assessments we have third parties that we do and we’ll show you the results of why we felt like they’re the they have the right technical skills but one of the things our clients also like about us is that we also ask you and we’re gathering requirements what are the really most important questions that you would like to ask and then we’ll we’ll ask those questions of the consultant and play back for you how they responded so you can see you’ll get a good overview of the consultant all of their technical skills and then we walk you through the tools that we’ll be using with the consultant the methodology frameworks that we have that support the consultant and we’ll give you a good summary of why we feel like they’re the right resource for the role the other thing that Darby consulting does is that we’re very good at helping manage the performance of the consultants that we put on project we’re very focused on performance where outcomes driven we have a performance tracking system that allows us to track the deliverables the tasks and the actions that our consultants are taking so that you have good accurate reporting of the work that they’re doing but that also allows us to track are they getting the work done on time on budget within scope and allows us to put performance incentives we actually hold back a percentage of the consultants pay and we use it as a bonus if they’re delivering a project successfully showing up in the right way really being part of your team we then provide that full pay rate to them so that they can receive their pay rate and be really motivated about financially and not financially it’s really deliver high quality success if you like what we have to offer you have some resource needs either it helpdesk or other types of roles that we provide feel free to visit us online at Darby or after at the end of this video you can click schedule a time for us to talk and it will book some time on our calendars for us to have a resource planning session to talk about what your needs are and how we can help all right looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good rest of the week and stay safe bye for now

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