Selecting The Right Talent For Your IT Project

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When considering a new IT project, it’s critical to the project’s success to select the right team to execute the strategy, design, and implementation. Many of our clients, before finding us, discover that they’ve either selected a team that is not specialized enough for their needs, or they are not focused on what’s best for the project and the organization on the whole. At Darby Consulting, we help you select the team that is not too hot, not too cold, but just right for your technology project’s needs.

In selecting the right talent for your IT Project team, you have three options:

Current Employees

Utilizing your current employees is the most cost-effective solution from the perspective of an hourly rate, and has the added option of your IT department employees intimately understanding your infrastructure.

However, there is a trade-off. Employees are very good at maintenance and the operations of their existing systems, but when it comes to implementing new software, they don’t always have the knowledge or experience necessary to understanding new systems.

Software or Hardware Vendors

Using the professional services of your software or hardware vendor can often be a good choice. However, vendors tend to have the highest bill rates, often $200 an hour or more. So while you can be confident in their technical expertise, it’s often your least cost-effective route. Additionally, vendors don’t have the expertise in planning and implementing IT projects for an organization. Rather, they are focused on the implementation of their hardware or software and rarely focus on what it takes to implement that element within the organization.

Finding the right talent for your IT project

IT Consulting Services

If utilizing current employees for your IT projects is “too cold,” and accessing the professional services of your software or hardware vendor is “too hot,” then hiring a consulting firm offering IT Project Management is “just right.” An IT Consulting Firm has the ability to find the right talent that has experience with the software and/or hardware being implemented. At Darby Consulting, we not only match the skill set needed, we also choose consultants who fit your team using personality assessments. The trade-off with this option is that you’ll spend a little more than using internal employees or consultants who don’t have the expertise for your project, but perhaps less than using the services of your software or hardware vendor.

All of the Above

At Darby Consulting, we often recommend an all of the above option, which combines the best of the three options to assemble the best team we can assemble for your IT project. We’ll bring in the professional services from the vendor, utilize consultants who have expertise relating to the project at hand, and call on employees who intimately know the infrastructure of the organization. And that’s really the best option: pulling from all three options to create the best team for your project.

Stay tuned for the next in our video series on how to select the right individuals with the right skills within these pools of talent.


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