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About this Worksession

The process of gathering requirements is usually more than simply asking the users what they need and writing their answers down. Depending on the complexity of the application, the work required to gather meaningful requirements has a clearly defined process of its own.  Darby Consulting’s Requirements Gathering worksession delivers a group of repeatable processes that utilize certain techniques to capture, document, communicate, and manage business and system requirements.

The Requirements Gathering Worksession combines end-user surveys, interviews and 3rd party research to answer the following key questions:

  • Who? Define who interacts with the system.
  • What? Define the features and functions of the system.
  • Where? Define when location is important to the final product or process.
  • When? Define when time (or timing) is important to the final product or process
  • Why? "Why" answers typically provide background and context information for the project. They are used by the analyst for probing and prioritization, but the answers to "why" questions are typically not requirements.
  • How? Define how the final process or system works.

Work Session Outcomes

  • Identify key stakeholders, end-users and subject matter experts
  • Gather statements that describe what the client and major stakeholders need and want utilizing elicitation techniques (i.e. one-on-one or group interviews, JAD sessions, questionnaires, prototyping, etc.)
  • Validate requirements utilizing consolidation, rationalizing and modeling techniques. Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standard modeling language used in many methodologies, especially those that use object oriented techniques. UML can be used to model (or diagram) almost any entity, including programs, business processes, hardware, networks and architectures.
  • Prioritize requirements and formally document in a Systems Specification Report for final presentation.
  • Perform verification facilitating a final review and approval of the requirements with key stakeholders

Work Session Duration

Over the course of approximately 8-12 weeks*, our expert business and systems analysts will help you and your team work through the key steps and activities required to develop a Business Requirements Report for your project. 

*Note:  actual time may vary depending on size & complexity of your organization and system


Why a QuickStart Work Session?

1) Get More Done in Less Time.

Our QuickStart Worksessions are designed to help your IT Project team get more done in a short burst of time.  In a worksession, our team will utilize detailed, agenda-focused days working with an your team make key decisions and complete the key objectives of the worksession.

2) Save Money.  Reduce Hassle.

No need for long consulting assignments or contracting with expensive staffing agencies to get the work done.  Our fixed rate of $1,900 per day can help you complete the key deliverables to achieve a successful IT project in less time and at a lower cost.

3) Experienced IT Consultants.

QuickStart Worksessions are facilitated by specialists in IT Project Management who have an average of 10+ years experience in successfully planning and implementing IT projects.

4) Leverage Best Practice Tools & Processes.

QuickStart Worksessions are based on extensive research of best practices that are aligned with the PMBOK Guide and Standards from the Project Management Institute (PMI).  Darby Consulting is a recognized consultancy by PMI.

5) Results-driven.

QuickStart Worksessions are designed to complete specific deliverables required to plan and implement a successful IT Project.  Each workshop is carefully planned and tested to accelerate communication and decision making with the team.

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