About this Quick-Start Workshop

The Quick-Start Workshop to Develop a Business Case focuses on initiating a new IT project with the creation of a comprehensive Business Case. A Business Case describes the business problem / opportunity to be addressed by the project and the alternative solutions. The potential costs and benefits associated with each solution are also included. The Business Case becomes the foundation for the project as it fully describes the project, the reasons for creating the project and the key benefits to be produced by the project. 

Workshop Outcomes

  • Define the business problem (or opportunity) that currently exists in the business and justifies the need for a technology change.
  • Identify the alternative options for delivering an IT solution to resolve the problem.
  • Quantify the benefits and costs associated with each alternative solution.
  • Rate the overall feasibility of each solution by determining whether it is likely to resolve the problem or realize the opportunity.
  • Identify any risks that may adversely affect the ability of the solution to produce the required deliverables.
  • List the assessment criteria required to rate your alternative solutions and identify a rating mechanism to calculate a total score.
  • Recommend a preferred solution and high-level implementation approach

Workshop Duration

Over the course of four days, our expert facilitators will help you and your team work through the key steps and activities required to complete an initial draft of compelling business case for your project.  Each day of the workshop is designed to help your team develop the most important content areas utilizing our our best practice tools, templates and processes.

Is your IT project highly complex?  Ask us about our time extensions packages available.

Why QuickStart Workshops?

1) Get More Done in Less Time.

Our QuickStart Workshops are designed to help your IT Project team get more done in less time.  In the workshop, your team will spend 4 intense and focused days working with an expert facilitator to help your team make key decisions and complete best practice templates and tools necessary to achieve the key objectives of the workshop.

2) Save Money.  Reduce Hassle.

No need for long consulting assignments or contracting with expensive staffing agencies to get your IT project started.  Our flat rate of $12,000 per workshop can help you complete the key deliverables needed to plan and implement a successful IT project.

3) Experienced Facilitators.

Our QuickStart Workshops are facilitated by specialists in IT Project Management who have an average of 10 years experience in successfully planning and implementing IT projects.

4) Leverage Best Practice Tools & Processes.

For each QuickStart Workshop, we provide up to five workbooks to enable your working team to quickly complete the key deliverables of the workshop.

Our workshop materials are based on extensive research of best practices that are aligned with the PMBOK Guide and Standards from the Project Management Institute (PMI). 

5) Results-driven.

QuickStart Workshops are designed to complete specific deliverables required to plan and implement a successful IT Project.  Each workshop is carefully planned and tested to accelerate communication and decision making with the team.

World-Class Workshop Facilities

For hosted in-person workshops, Darby Consulting provides a 20,000-square-foot training center located in the Energy Corridor of Houston, TX.  Our recently remodeled facility includes a large computer-based training center, break-out rooms and commissary kitchen.

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