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About this Worksession

While it is technically feasible to select a software package within a few short weeks, it is often the stakeholder component of the system selection process that can take much longer.

A balanced framework focused on both stakeholders and the technology is recommended.

Our methodology consists of four distinct phases to facilitate selection, create stakeholder buy-in and foster commitment that will lead to reduced resistance to change and accelerated system adoption.

Work Session Outcomes

  • Step 1 - Initiating & Planning: Phase 1 begins with forming a cross-departmental steering committee to assist in gathering data to understand the key drivers leading to the initiation of the selection project as well as the overall goals and objectives held by the organization to ensure they are aligned. Next we develop a project charter to mobilize the team.
  • Step 2 - Requirements Gathering: We can begin Phase 2 by conducting workshops & surveys to gather high-level requirements from stakeholders. In this phase, we also prepare a request for information (RFI) or request for proposal (RFP) to gather data about the vendor’s software. We recommend this step as it is the best way to communicate the full project requirements to potential software suppliers while conducting an objective evaluation.
  • Step 3: Vendor Evaluation: Most software suppliers offer literature and self-service demonstrations on their websites, as well as customer success stories; however, to ensure the team is not sold by the glitz and glamor of sales presentations, we recommend both remote and on-site demonstrations to allow a much more focused look at the software and its potential fit for the organization’s needs.
  • Step 4: Supplier Selection: The final phase is to create a business case that is used to gain both organizational and sponsor support for the preferred vendor. In the business case, the business problem (or opportunity) is defined, alternative solutions are listed and, based on each solution's individual merits, a preferred solution is recommended. The last step taken when creating the business case is to define a plan for the implementation of the agreed solution.

Why a QuickStart Work Session?

1) Get More Done in Less Time.

Our QuickStart Worksessions are designed to help your IT Project team get more done in a short burst of time.  In a worksession, our team will utilize detailed, agenda-focused days working with an your team make key decisions and complete the key objectives of the worksession.

2) Save Money.  Reduce Hassle.

No need for long consulting assignments or contracting with expensive staffing agencies to get the work done.  Our fixed rate of $1,900 per day can help you complete the key deliverables to achieve a successful IT project in less time and at a lower cost.

3) Experienced IT Consultants.

QuickStart Worksessions are facilitated by specialists in IT Project Management who have an average of 10+ years experience in successfully planning and implementing IT projects.

4) Leverage Best Practice Tools & Processes.

QuickStart Worksessions are based on extensive research of best practices that are aligned with the PMBOK Guide and Standards from the Project Management Institute (PMI).  Darby Consulting is a recognized consultancy by PMI.

5) Results-driven.

QuickStart Worksessions are designed to complete specific deliverables required to plan and implement a successful IT Project.  Each workshop is carefully planned and tested to accelerate communication and decision making with the team.

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