Develop an IT strategy to better align with your organization’s mission and goals …

According to Info-Tech research, 47% of business leaders feel their business goals are largely unsupported by IT. While IT strategies are intended to help align IT services with the organization, a staggering 92% of departments surveyed claimed their IT strategies were less than adequate.

A more effective IT strategy is one that not only aligns with the organization’s mission and goals, but is easy for non-technical business leaders to both understand and support.  The key to aligning IT with the organization is to have a solid understanding of its needs, combined with a common understanding of the drivers and constraints that inform an effective strategy.

IT Assessment Worksessions

Darby Consulting’s IT Assessment Worksessions are conducted in a manner that is both open and honest as well as forward-looking with the organization. Our assessment methodology focuses on three main areas:

  • People – roles and org structure
  • Process – services and processes
  • Technology – infrastructure, systems, and operations

Assessment Outcomes

  • Identify the objectives and expectations for the assessment
  • Develop a project charter and detailed plan with the sponsor
  • Conduct interviews, surveys, hands-on inspections and workshops to gather information to understand the current state of IT
  • Perform benchmarking analysis against industry peers
  • Conduct a gap analysis incorporating the input, feedback and findings from the data gathering phase along with benchmarking from research organizations
  • identify and prioritize critical gaps in current performance and develop recommendations to close those gaps
  • Develop a roadmap and action plan to create a clear pathway forward for everyone to follow.

Work Session Duration

Over the course of approximately 4-6 weeks*, our expert systems testing analysts will help you and your team work through the key steps and activities required to develop an IT Assessment for your project.

*Note:  actual time may vary depending on size & complexity of your organization and system

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