Accelerating Drilling and Operational Decisions

This Fortune 50 oil & gas company needed to deploy decision environments environments. Darby Consulting helped to accelerate drilling and operational decisions with Digital Oilfield capabilities in the Cloud. To enable petrotech experts to globally support upstream and downstream projects and operations, the client organization spent $54M per year in hard travel costs and an estimated $89M per year in unproductive travel time. In addition, collaboration and knowledge sharing were limited among earth science, technical computing, facilities engineering and drilling & completions experts, despite the need for multidisciplinary solutions. The client needed a way to support remote collaboration among experts and locations using remote video collaboration technologies, without sacrificing the quality of a face-to-face meeting.

Project Description

To manage the design and deployment of integrated decision environments (IDEs), Darby Consulting divided the project into distinct project phases. Phase 1 focused on achieving clear leadership direction and visible sponsorship for the project — a critical component to driving change across a diverse and often change-resistant organization. Phase 2 emphasized workflow workshops designed to engage champion representatives from each department to generate conceptual designs of required room types. Phase 3 identified the ideal locations for the IDE rooms and detailed use case requirements to drive the room controls.

Results & Benefits

The client successfully deployed 57 IDEs across seven global office locations, significantly reducing travel and productivity costs. The project was delivered on schedule and below budget. The technology platform and designs of the rooms ultimately became the standard across all divisions of the company. For over 10 years, we’ve helped growing organizations consistently deliver successful IT projects – both software and hardware. We’ve pioneered innovative methods and tools tailored specifically for your success. And we’re affordable; we’ve built a cost-effective operating model so we can offer exceptional IT project services at prices that will surprise you. This means more projects completed on-time, higher end-user satisfaction, and increased growth for your organization.

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