Developing a Data Warehousing Roadmap

This leading oil & gas client was looking for a data warehouse solution to provide better, more timely, and reliable analysis surround their well production, operations, and financial analysis. Their goal was to be able to consolidate several of their application's data into a single repository which could thereby be used for daily analysis with the use of SQL Server, SSAS, and Tibco Spotfire. This project included support in the areas of requirements gathering, business analysis, business process redesign, data modeling, and technical systems design.

Project Description

Understanding the desired goal, but not the true issues surrounding its client's need, Darby Consulting engaged the client to perform business and technical analysis around a potential data warehouse solution. Ultimately, the client wanted a data warehouse, but what it needed was a business intelligence and data governance solution. As a result, Darby Consulting endeavored to provide a full solution which provided integration to key applications, data warehouse design, data governance & data quality rules, and the implementation of measures and dimensions which provided truly robust and useful analysis.

Results & Benefits

The implementation of data governance and intelligence cubes changed what was a two-month manual process of reconciliation and calculations in excel spreadsheets to a daily, reliable solution which from which the client's geoscience, finance, and operations teams could execute solid actionable analysis. Below is the final roadmap:

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