Selecting The Right Talent For Your IT Projects: Part 5 of 5

If you’re considering an IT Consulting Firm in Houston to help you to select the right team for your IT projects, it’s a good idea to match both the technical skills required by the project with the people skills and personality traits that fit with the cultural needs of your organization. Finding the right fit for your project team goes a long way into developing a highly successful project. This video focuses on the soft skills required of your project team, specifically how best to use personality assessments.

The Importance of Assessing Personalities for IT Projects

Research in Cambridge by MIT and Harvard has shown that using data science to find the right talent leads to more successful projects. The researchers evaluated specific attributes of an individual based on personality and found an interesting correlation to project success. As part of our IT Consulting process, Darby Consulting has leveraged this research and now includes personality and soft skills assessments along with our technical assessments in helping our clients find the right team for their IT projects.

Finding the right project team members is essential to project success because many times those team members are client-facing or stakeholders-facing. Team members like business analysts, project managers, communications specialists, change mangers, and trainers touch the clients and have the power to bring people through the transformation required by the IT Projects, or cause a lot of frustration and resistance to the new changes.

In a previous video, we showed you a resource that Darby Consulting uses, with an example of an individual being assessed for a Salesforce project. This is just one of the many assessments Darby Consulting conducts for our IT Consulting clients in Houston.

Soft Skills Necessary for IT Projects

In addition to the interview process, personality assessments have the ability to show a standard deviation of a candidates skill levels and personality type, and how they score on average versus other individuals within their same role in the IT world. Some of the soft skills that Darby Consulting assesses for our Houston IT Consulting clients are:

  • Broad thinking
  • Establishes trust
  • Stress aversion
  • Preference for teamwork
  • Personal presentation

Most IT Consulting Firms don’t typically go to this level of sophistication. However, it’s important to the Darby Consulting brand that we’re constantly developing and placing great talent with our clients, and we have to make sure that we’ve done our due diligence to make that happen.

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