Selecting the Right Talent for your IT Project: Part Three

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When working with our client IT Project Managers and portfolio leaders, we are often asked if we can provide IT resources to fill critical project roles.  To help us best match consultants skills with the right projects, we took a page out of an HR playbook and developed a requisition form based on HR best practices. In the third video of our "Selecting the Right Talent for your IT Project" video series, we'll look at why a requisition form is a great tool to use in selecting the right talent for your IT Project.

What is a requisition form?

A requisition form is a fairly basic form that includes some high-level information about what kind of talent the IT Project requires. It typically includes questions that ask for industry expertise and experience, as well as defines what kind of role it is that the IT Project requires. Roles on Darby Consulting's requisition forms are typically a project manager, a business analyst, a systems tester, solution architect, etc.

You can create a requisition form using Excel, Word or a cloud-based form like what we at Darby Consulting use. Using a cloud-based form has the added benefit of being easily accessible to your team from anywhere.

Why use a requisition form?

Using a requisition form streamlines your resource search and allows you to compare apples to apples when evaluating different individuals to fulfill your IT Project's needs. It gives you a structured approach to defining the requirements of what you need from the resource. By detailing out the role you require, as well as the expertise and specific skill set, you have the opportunity to evaluate only those individuals who first, meet your needs and second, best fit the job.

How does a requisition form add clarity to your IT Project?

Using requisition forms for your IT Project helps you clearly define what resources you need and for how long. Below are a few items to include in your requisition form:

  • The role
  • The duration
  • Estimated hours per week
  • The location (onsite or remote)
  • The work arrangement

Additionally, you'll want to include the top five responsibilities in order of importance. Darby Consulting's requisition form also lists the top five technical skills needed in order of importance, as well as the soft skills that are most important to the IT Project, such as degrees or certifications.

At Darby Consulting, we start with a great team by having a clear picture about what it is that we're looking for. By using a requisition form to define the required roles, talent, and expertise needed for your IT Project, you're well on your way to higher quality projects and higher rates of success.


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