5 Ways IT Project Management Leads to Success

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Most IT projects hinge success or failure on how the following questions are answered. Was the project delivered on-time? Did the project stay on-budget or come under budget? Did implementation run smoothly? Was the new technology adapted easily by our employees? Hiring a consultant firm that specializes in IT Project Management can help turn these answers from ‘no’ or ‘not quite’ to ‘YES.’

Projects delivered on-time with proper IT Project Management

A good IT Project Manager will manage issues, risks and scope changes, as well as provide regular reporting on the status of the various project elements. An exceptional PMI-certified IT Project Manager will do even more. Project Performance Tracking and utilization of a reporting system are key tools exceptional IT Project Managers use for successful IT Project Management. An exceptional IT Project Manager will also be able to translate complex ideas into something easily communicable, and break down those ideas into achievable action steps.

Exceptional IT Project Management delivers projects on-budget

One of the key factors in determining IT project success is how closely the project came under or at the approved project budget. IT projects are at risk of failure due to delays, unforeseen software and hardware costs, mismanagement of consultant and employee hours, and inefficient planning from the beginning, which all lead to higher costs. Using experienced IT Project Management professionals rather than in-house IT staff who have other responsibilities to attend to helps mitigate this risk. Experienced IT Project Management professionals know the common – and not so common – pitfalls IT projects are susceptible to, and keep an eagle eye on these areas while also striving to achieve cost savings with efficient project management whenever possible.

Proper IT Project Management leads to smooth implementation

Implementation is one of the hardest parts of any IT project. It often requires all hands on deck and weeks of advance planning before the ‘go live’ switch is flipped on. Once the project is in motion, it is imperative for project managers to have the right support staff and a clear action plan with contingencies built in for any complications. Smooth implementation requires an IT Project Manager who knows the project inside and out and is able to also keep the client’s end goals and objectives in mind. Having a dedicated IT Project Manager during implementation is absolutely key to any project success.

IT Project Management educates employees for successful technology adaptation

IT Projects follow the general timeline of research to planning to documentation to implementation. Exceptional and PMI-Certified IT Project Management consultants will also build into the project’s blueprints employee education. Properly training employees to be immediately able to use the new technology is of utmost importance in any project. At Darby Consulting, we always consider the ‘people-factor’ of technology. Not only do we provide the best IT Project Manager for your project and company, but we also consider the best processes and strategies to use for end-user adaptation.

IT Project Management provides a clear view into project outcomes

Hiring an IT Project Management consulting firm is like hiring an engineer and building contract to draw up the blueprints for your new home, as well as manage all the construction details. Having a consultant who has been on the ground with you from day one on planning and researching the project, all the way to project implementation and employee training gives you the ability to have a crystal clear view into the status of your project at any given time, all while focusing on your own day-to-day tasks.

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