How IT Consulting Firms Implement Projects Successfully: Part 2 of 2

Leadership positions such as IT consultants, IT project managers, directors of IT organizations, or CIOs, should establish a standard way in which your IT organization engages with stakeholders as a key to success.

In this video, we continue our Leadership in IT series and how to take advantage of onboarding employees and IT consultants to better represent our organization and guarantee more successful IT projects.

Setting the Tone for IT Consultants in Houston

IT departments are in the field of customer service, so it’s important to use onboarding processes to make sure everyone in your organization is properly representing your brand and your organization’s ideals. In the video, you can see Darby Consulting’s SharePoint site, in which we have a number of tools that is accessible to all of our IT consultants. Our tool kit includes things like policies, a calendar, and our central message, “Be Amazing.” We use these tools and our message to train our IT consultants to be the best consultants possible.

Training IT Consultants to “Be Amazing”

For Darby Consulting, “Be Amazing” or BEAM is our central message that is used to communicate a number of basic qualities or attributes we feel makes for an amazing consultant. Some attributes we consider are:

  • how they show up as an individual
  • their stewardship
  • their level of customer service

We’ve broken down key behaviors and developed onboarding videos that give an overview of each attribute, as well as our expectations of our IT consultants. We also include content that reinforces the principals that “Be Amazing” stands for, such as getting things done, starting projects or running meetings, self study lessons, etc. During monthly meetings, we review and reinforce these expected behaviors.

We also have a 30, 60, and 90 day plan for all of our new IT consultants that includes self assessment. We give our consultants performance feedback and give them the tools to sharpen their saw so they can “Be Amazing” and be the best consultant they are able to be.

Implementing Your Own Onboarding

In your IT department or project management organization, I encourage you to do something similar to what we’ve implemented. SharePoint is a great resource and tool, but you can also utilize a paper-based version of what we’ve shown you in this video. The key is to identify your core principals, the behaviors underlying each principle, and then find ways to train and reinforce those behaviors across your employee base and/or even your contractors.

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