Selecting The Right Talent For Your IT Projects: Part 4 of 5


"Trust, but verify."

Using assessments to verify the skills of every individual that you're looking to include in your IT projects is as important as the due diligence you'd conduct when selecting new hardware or software. In this video, we'll look at three categories of assessments that we use to evaluate talent.

Functional Assessments for IT Projects

A functional assessment addresses the individuals ability to preform a functional role. A functional role in an IT Project can include a project manager, a business analyst, a systems tester, or a solution architect. In a functional assessment, you'll look for the individual's ability to understand methods, tools, and processes, as well as how to troubleshoot around those methods. You'll also look for what tools and processes the individual would use to implement the project and preform their role.

Technical Assessments

A technical assessment tests the individual's skill level for the specific hardware or software that is needed. Oftentimes, you can purchase third party assessments. At Darby Finance, we employ a combination of third-party assessments and our own proprietary assessments to fully evaluate the technical skills of any potential addition to an IT project team.

Soft Skills and Personality Assessments

An additional assessment that not many IT consulting firms conduct is a soft skills or personality assessment. Darby Consulting has implemented soft skills assessment for IT project managers to make sure they are a good match for our client.  However, it's important to note that you can over assess. With the right 10 to 20 questions, structured in a way that makes the assessment easy to complete in a timely manner, you can get a very good idea of whether or not this individual is the right talent to add to your project team.

Darby Finance's Assessment Process for IT Projects

When we look into bringing on an individual to our IT Project Manager database, we use our proprietary onboarding methodolgy. Part of that are the three different types of assessments; functional, technical, and soft skills. With our cloud-based system, we're able to select what level of assessment and what type of assessment, how many questions, and preview the entire assessment before sending to the individual. We're even able to cut out some of the questions that aren't relevant to the project at hand.

Using assessments is a great way of getting the right skills that you need for your IT Project, while trusting your gut, but verifying the data.

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