Leveraging technology to reduce energy consumption by 29% Now that’s smart.TM

To measure and continuously improve environmental performance of building operations in North America, the company established an aggressive goal to reduce energy consumption across all major office buildings by 29% over ten years.

Need for Project Support

To achieve environmental performance goals, the core project team needed support to roll out efficiency improvements across North American offices totaling more than nine million square feet. Critical success factors included real-time measurement and public visualization of performance to involve building occupant participation in environmentally sustainable behaviors.

Project Support Centers

To deliver a successful project without hiring full-time staff, the project team needed a temporary support team at a fixed monthly fee to help plan, monitor and control day-to-day project tasks. Darby Consulting’s Project Support Centers (PSCs) assisted the project team across eight core support processes including cost control , schedule control, document control, business analysis and stakeholder management. Darby Consulting’s business analysts helped the company develop an energy consumption model establishing a baseline of current power, water and electricity performance while stakeholder management specialists worked to design and pilot the company’s first Green Touchscreen to provide real-time dashboards of energy consumption and education videos on how occupants’ behavior in the workplace could reduce consumption.


The technology project was delivered on-time, below budget and within scope and is on track to deliver the expected energy savings. A Green Touchscreen was also installed in the lobby of the company’s corporate offices to provide real-time energy performance data from building automation systems.

“Darby Consulting delivers excellent project support resources . They have an excellent ability to translate complex ideas into something easy to communicate, making them one of the best companies I have seen on projects in the areas of project management and support. I would work with Darby again and would strongly recommend them in any project role.”

Technology Manager
Facilities Management & Construction Division

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