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Cyber & Physical Security Convergence Project

Funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the objective of the project was to converge cyber and physical security systems to improve public safety and coordinate emergency response management across the city’s public safety departments including the Police Department, Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management, 911 Dispatch and Metro Police. The project required the participation of multiple departments to redesign emergency response processes along with the adoption of a public safety incident management system that provided real-time incident response information to minimize threats and vulnerabilities across internet and networking hardware, wireless cameras, downlink video feeds from helicopters and other security devices.

Need for Project Support

To deliver a successful project without hiring additional staff, the project needed a temporary support team at a fixed monthly fee to help plan, monitor and control day-to-day project and change management activities.

Project Support Center

Darby Consulting provided an integrated Project Support Center (PSC) for a fixed monthly fee to provide change management, cost control, schedule control, document control, business analysis and stakeholder management.


The special projects organization was able to maintain the small size of their core project team and stay within budget by leveraging a support-as-a-service operating model. Darby Consulting’s Project Support Center (PSC) was able to help the team stay focused on strategic issues by deferring the more time consuming project controls and reporting tasks to support specialists who were only needed on a part-time basis. The fixed monthly cost of the support center was estimated to be 31% below the cost of traditional staff augmentation.

“Darby Consulting delivers excellent project support resources. They have an excellent ability to translate complex ideas into something easy to communicate, making them one of the best companies I have seen on projects in the areas of project controls and reporting. I would work with Darby again and would strongly recommend them in any project support role.”

Program Office Manager
Mayor’s Office of Special Projects

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