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For an energy technology division of a major integrated oil company, supporting both upstream and downstream projects on a global scale doesn’t come cheap. At the height of oil prices, the division spent over $54M annually in hard travel costs and an estimated $89M in unproductive time in sending support experts out to projects. That’s a total of $143 million in annual support costs. In addition, support experts were embedded on projects for months at a time making it difficult to efficiently leverage subject matter expertise across the organization.

Need for Project Support

The technology division needed a better, smarter way to support projects at a lower cost without sacrificing quality of support or the ability to collaborate in real-time with project teams. People-to-project ratios needed to be increased from 1:1 to one-to-many through the use of collaborative technologies, workspaces and processes.

Project Support Centers

To improve project support efficiency, Darby Consulting led a project to design, develop and deploy Project Support Centers (PSCs) across the organization’s regional offices utilizing a hub-and-spoke deployment model. Dedicated PSCs were collocated on floors where the need for project support was greatest. Centralized support processes were designed and CISCO telepresence technologies deployed to enable experts to provide both in-person and virtual support in real-time.


To date, 54 Project Support Centers have been deployed in offices across four continents resulting in $143 million in annual cost savings for the division.

“I have been continually impressed with Darby Consulting’s ability to listen closely to our concerns and develop support solutions that are essential to our business. Darby Consulting does an excellent job taking complex issues and streamlining them into solutions that reduce cost.”

Energy Technology Division
Fortune 10 Integrated Oil Company

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