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Darby Consulting’s proprietary Cost Analyzer estimates the cost savings generated from Project Support-as-a-Service (P-SaaS). Cost Analyzer facilitates a thorough comparison between an organization’s current configuration of project support resources and the future proposed state of using P-SaaS. Darby Consulting works closely with clients during the data collection and scenario planning phases to improve transparency and understanding of the tool in order to generate scenarios that achieve maximum savings. Below is a list of Cost Analyzer’s key features and benefits:


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface that encourages scenario planning and provides insightful analysis for decision making
  • Calculates blended rate of the project support resources by type (i.e. employee, contractor, etc.) and process (i.e. cost control, schedule control, etc.)
  • Calculates total cost of support (hourly, monthly & annually)
  • Analyzes the potential for cost savings from Project Support-as-a Service
  • Graphically displays key decision metrics


  • Enables employee-to-contractor scenario planning
  • Provides ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison of employee-to-contractor bill rates
  • Provides quantitative business case support for recommendations to senior leadership


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